Hauptvollversammlung für die Wahl des Honorarsemesters und der neuen Flursprecher

DATE: 06 November 2023

You will find all the detailed information in our WhatsApp group!

There are 3 roles to be elected:

Floor speaker(s): 1 Person
Honoral Semester: 1 Person
StuStaNet Admin: 1 Person

You can nominate yourself or nominate another person for each of the roles: please fill out your name and room in this spreadsheet, in the tab of each role: https://cutt.ly/SwQVdoJX

During the election, each candidate must be present and convince other residents within a presentation time of 2 minutes why they should be elected.

At least 30 residents have to attend the meeting until the election of all positions is officially finished – it just takes roughly 30 minutes only for all positions to be elected, looking forward to seeing you there and if you have questions please contact the current House speakers or Tutors 😉