What to do if the internet is not working?

Dear residents,

there are currently some problems with the internet connection at the shared flats (WGs.) The reason for this seem to be defective cables in the building.

Every resident that has a non functional ip adress has to make a written repair request to the Studentenwerk, which must include at least answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your room number ?
  2. What is your full name?
  3. What is your mobile phone number?
  4. What is written on the network socket in the wall?
  5. Which ip adress was used?
  6. What is your MAC-Adress?

Also please leave the device you provided the MAC-Adress for, connected to the network. This way the connection can be checked externally.

You get the repair request form at the studentenstadt administration (where you got your keys and signed your lease). Furthermore you have to get a house admin (using the ticket system,), show him your internet problem and he will sign the form.

Then you will have to bring the completed form back to the studentenstadt administration.

Internet at Max-Bill available!

Dear Residents,

thanks to the lovely people from LRZ, Studentenwerk and StuStaNet e.V., who worked day and night for us, we are finally able to provide you with an internet connection.

Please follow the following steps to configure your devices:

  1. Try it yourself! This saves everyone, including yourself, precious time that could be wasted on the internet watching cat videos. The instructions (provided in English and in German) how to configure your operating system are attached to this post as a pdf file.
    1. The specific network settings to your room should be in your post box.
  2. Contact on of the network administrators. You will find the list in the display case near the entrance of the building.
    1. Alternatively you can use the ticket system on this website. Currently only the two house admins will receive this ticket, so contacting one of the many admins on the list near the entrance will give you a much faster response time.

Goodbye and happy surfing!



Info-Event zum StuStaNet e.V.

Am Donnerstag, den 09. Juni 2016 findet im Gemeinschaftsraum (Erster Stock) eine Informationsveranstaltung statt, auf der Ihr euch vom Internetanbieter – StuStaNet – alle aufgetretenen Fragen rund um das Thema Internet beantworten lassen.

Der Termin ist leider aufgrund verschiedener Umstände sehr kurzfristig festgelegt worden. Wir bitten dies zu Entschuldigen.


Für Fragen und Anregungen verwendet das TicketSystem.



i.A. Matthias Linhuber

1. Hausratssitzung

Am 03. Juni 2016 fand die Erste Hausratssitzung statt.


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Hier findet Ihr das Protokoll zur Sitzung: Protokoll

Für Fragen, Anregungen und Vorschläge benutzt das TicketSystem.




i.A Matthias Linhuber